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June 5, 2008

I just received some bad news that my former colleague passed on,from cancer and I am devastated.

Thinking about how precious and short life is am caught daydreaming in a leadership seminar.The HR Manager decides to start with the days lesson;Life is short.She introduces the day with 3 key questions which I’d love for you to take a look at your life and ponder over them.

Live – How do I live?

Love – How do I know love?

Learn – What do I need to learn or unlearn?

Life is short,you have to be ready to change.

Live,Love,Learn and Laugh

December 24, 2007

Yesterday I watched the movie Last holiday;Queen Latifah who is misdiagnosed as suffering from a rare disease and the doctor tells her she has only 3 weeks to live.She had been working in a retail store for 10 years just keeping her head down and hustling and when she raised her head up; her life had passed her by.So she clears her lifes savings and ventures into her world of “possibilites”which included all the things she had ever dreamt of doing nd after all this they become “realities”

This reminded me about a workshop we had in the office which started with a video on Life is short. The main questions paused:

Love – how do I know love?

Live – how do I live?

Learn – what do I need to learn or unlearn?

Legacy – what will I be remembered for?

After this fellowship I will make certain changes to my life because it is too short: I will live,love,learn and ;laugh more