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When someone needs immediate medical help, what do you do?

August 1, 2009

This is the first question I have been asking women living in urban slums in Mumbai as part of a research effort to better understand what they, their family, and community do when a medical emergency occurs. Rubina, my friend and translator will often give the women examples to help them better understand our question. Such as, “what would you do if your father-in-law collapsed with chest pains?” If your child was sick with a high fever?” or If your neighbor cut herself badly with a kitchen knife?”

40% of them respond that they rush to visit the clinic doctor. Clinics, staffed with doctors and nurses are common in most slum communities in Mumbai, however the doctor is rarely available 24 hours a day.

30% of them responded that they would head to the nearest Government Hospital, which they could easily name.

Out of 200 interviews, only 4% of them responded that they would call an ambulance.

Why don’t they call an Ambulance? This is the question ‘Dial 1298 for Ambulance’ is trying to understand. With 30% of Mumbai’s population living below the poverty line (approximately 4M people), this is a segment of the city that cannot be ignored. We are learning some important consumer insights from talking to these women directly.

(FYI – only women were surveyed since most men work during the day and were not available).

Note from Dial 1298 CEO (Mumbai)

November 28, 2008

Note from 1298 Dial for Ambulance CEO – all 1298 staff are safe and working round the clock to help the injured victims. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me with their offers of help & support. I am safe and staying close to office / apartment. More on my personal blog.

Dear All,
Mumbai is witnessing terror attacks in various locations; over 100 people have been confirmed dead and over 275 injured since last night. Many more are sure to be reported injured or dead as the paramilitary forces gets the situation under control. A number of injured can be saved if timely medical attention can be delivered to them.

Dial 1298 for Ambulance team has been at the scene since last night helping and saving blast accident victims . We are in touch with the BMC’s disaster management cell and the fire brigade in coordinating the rescue attempts of the hostages and transferring the injured people.
We at ‘Dial 1298 for Ambulance’ request your help in informing Mumbaikars, that if they require or if they know anyone whom might need medical emergency help, they can call 1298 for an Ambulance. The service is free of charge and we will have the victim transferred to the nearest Government / Municipal hospital free of charge so that victim will get medical attention at the earliest.

One can access the 1298 Ambulance service by dialing 1298 from either a landline or a mobile.
We seek your help in informing Mumbaikars through your channel/publication;  we will together be able to save lives that might otherwise be lost in this time of crisis.
For an Ambulance DIAL 1298

(Request you to pass on this information, to your colleagues and friends  so that  we are able to save maximum lives during this terror attacks)

Sweta Mangal