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Show me the goat

December 18, 2007

Here are some things that make my blood boil. (1) Genocide. (2) Corruption. (3) People who say ‘bartering’ when they mean ‘haggling’. Seriously how hard is it? Just follow this simple test: Ask yourself, “Have I brought a live goat with me?” Not so much? Then you’re probably not bartering!!

While we’re on haggling though, I have a question:

In Nairobi I haggle for food. All food. Religiously. “10 pence for a mango. How about 3 for 20?” [Obviously I need neither the extra mangoes, nor the 10 pence saving!]

Back in the UK, I buy fair trade food. “Guaranteeing the grower a fair price”

Am I being massively inconsistent?