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TFN Redux

February 13, 2008

We chit-chatted.  We played ukulele tunes adapted to the mandolin. We shared the best part of our 2007s.  I finished Slaughterhouse Five.  One new person came all the way from Japan for this event and has decided to stay in Hyderabad (in part) because of Technology-Free Night.  Social impact portfolio results: strong to very strong.  This was a totally carbon-neutral event, not counting the transportation costs of imported cheese.  Consider it a ritual.  Jawad, next time you can join us in spirit


February 11, 2008

Tricia, Theresa and I have decided to institute “technology-free night” at Venkata Ramana Colony building #6-3-597. No, not tonight or I would not be writing this to “you all”. It’s tomorrow, TUESDAY night.  Tuesday TFN.  Want to join us? In-person participation is preferred; no advance notice necessary. Just show up around 7:30 PM. Bring us your huddled masses of chimmels who suffer from carpal tunnel and tinnitus: No danger here. Or bring that repressed drawing desire you’ve been forced to hide from the world since you were seven.  Stringed instruments, come on down! Everything is possible.