About the Fellowship

As told by Acumen Fund CEO Jacqueline Novogratz:

“One of the lessons from Acumen Fund’s work is that people are as great a need as financial capital in building market-driven solutions to poverty. The world needs an “entrepreneurial bench” — top talent with both the skills and the moral imagination to effect significant change. Which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Acumen Fund Fellows Program. Our goal is to build a corps of leaders around the world with the imagination, skills and drive to add value to best-in-class organizations in both the social and private sectors.

The one-year, experience-based program begins first in New York, where fellows will build business skills, meet extraordinary leaders and grow their leadership abilities. Each Fellow will then spend nine months with a specific investment in the field, with a concrete set of deliverables. The program will finish with a final month in New York to share experiences and focus on potential job opportunities.”


3 Responses to “About the Fellowship”

  1. Andy Says:

    Hallo Felows,
    I am a engeneering and business student from Munich Germany. I really want to help and invest my labor and knowledge to the poor before I start a regular 9to5 job. I am writing my master thesis aubout pricing in new technology ventures but what I am really interested in, is social entrepreneuship and how you can make technology accessible for the botton of the pyramide.
    This fellow program and the work you do really fascinates me. Nice stories and really interesting to read.
    How can I get envolved as well?

    All the best


  2. Naval Kishor Gupta Says:

    Hello Fellows,
    I am a social work student from New Delhi India. I am working in rural parts of the country (India) to develop and upgrade livelihood systems, scaling the productions and creating people’s collectives to push the markets. It has been two years in these activities for me. i want to take my experiences further and learn more about practices adopted worldwide to fight poverty.
    I am fascimated to learn about the experiences of past fellows.
    I would like to be involved but have no idea how can i realize it….

    With warm wishes from India
    Naval Kishor Gupta

  3. Ankit Tulsyan Says:

    Hello Fellows,
    I am a chemical Engineering student at VNIT nagpur, one of the premier technological institutes at India.
    I wish to carve my career as social entrepreneur. Infact I have few ideas on how to bring about a chnage but I need guidance to enter this sector. Social field is still not a much reverred field in our country but I realise its Importance.

    Please guide…

    Ankit Tulsyan

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