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CARES Standard

June 10, 2009

To continue with my previous post about dignity. I wanted to share with you how LifeSpring has built a standard for providing customer service. It’s termed as CARES Standard or CARES Protocol.

CARES stands for:
C – Courteous – We will be polite in our communication whether oral or written. We will acknowledge customers and their family members by smiling, making eye contact and offering assistance

A – Attentive – We will attend to customers and families immediately. We will listen carefully to customers needs

R – Respectful – We will respect the dignity of all and will show empathy in our words and action. We will respect all coworkers, customers and their relatives equally.

E – Enthusiastic – We will trust, respect and support customers. We will be timely in meeting deadlines.

S – Safe – When caring for customers we will wash our hands. We will maintain a clean and safe environment for customers and employees.

For all employees joining LifeSpring they are given a booklet that describes the standard behavior in details. Everyone is expected to keep this book with them while at work.
CARES Booklet

To further emphasize the model behavior LifeSpring used GlobalRickshaw to make a video that demonstrates the CARES protocol in action. All new employees are shown this video during the on-boarding program and expected to behave in this manner.

Hope you enjoy.

Importance of patience and dignity

May 3, 2009

As I write this blog post, I remember Katherine Fulton from the Monitor Institute talking to our fellows’ class in the nice conference room of Acumen Fund (NY office). She said to us that if  there was anything to take away with us for the rest of our fellowship it would be “Patience”.  Since I started my fellowship I’ve been working on a project has been on and off as the funding for it was to come from an external foundation. Finally after nearly nearly five months of waiting
we have received the funding and the project is in full swing. We are developing a learning environment so that as LifeSpring starts scaling up, the large number of diverse set of employees that need to be trained on the various processes can be done easily. The mood is upbeat and we expect to get this project done before my fellowship gets done this August. I have learnt that if you believe you are doing the right thing for the right reasons then
things will fall in place, you just have to be “Patient”.

Another insight that I would like to share with everyone is to do with “Dignity”. As I spend more time with Anant Kumar, CEO of LifeSpring I am convinced choice alone is not enough, dignity is equally important. This needs to be incorporated into the company culture if the enterprise wants to deliver these services to the customers with high quality. At LifeSpring no matter what anyone’s origin is, they deserve the same respect. In India there are cultural barriers, educational hierarchies, and organizational hierarchies. All these need to be put aside when
working at LifeSpring. Some examples of such a conflict are husbands of Customers of LifeSpring may be working as drivers at the doctor’s place. So imagine the doctor now having to respect the customer as they would any one else.
Or simply because the nurse is less educated does not mean they can be mistreated by the doctors. So key is respect and thereby dignity must be provided to everyone associated with LifeSpring – customers, team members, and partners.

I’d like to hear from you so please post your comments on what you think about this writeup…

LifeSpring as a private company turned 1 year old

February 23, 2009

On Feb 16th, LifeSpring Hospitals celebrated it’s one year anniversary as a private entity. As a part of the celebrations everyone was expected to wear pink shirts. We also prepared a video where the CEO, Mr. Anant Kumar spoke to all employees and reminded everyone about the LifeSpring mission.

Here is a link to the video.

Meet the people of LifeSpring Hospitals

January 19, 2009

Theme for this month’s video blog is “Meet the People”. I would like you to meet the people of LifeSpring Hospitals and some of the challenges they face as the organization continues to scale. With 6 hospitals in place and more coming up later this year, they certainly have a their hands filled. I could not get everyone in the picture or the videos, but there are many more employees at the hospitals and in the field. I will try to get them online in the upcoming videos, so stay tuned!

As always, feedback on what else you’d like to see/read is most welcome.

Video Blogging

October 27, 2008

As part of the fellowship program, we will be video blogging every month from the field.  For our first assignment, we answered questions about training highlights, preparing for the field, and our hopes and fears for the year to come.

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