CARES Standard


To continue with my previous post about dignity. I wanted to share with you how LifeSpring has built a standard for providing customer service. It’s termed as CARES Standard or CARES Protocol.

CARES stands for:
C – Courteous – We will be polite in our communication whether oral or written. We will acknowledge customers and their family members by smiling, making eye contact and offering assistance

A – Attentive – We will attend to customers and families immediately. We will listen carefully to customers needs

R – Respectful – We will respect the dignity of all and will show empathy in our words and action. We will respect all coworkers, customers and their relatives equally.

E – Enthusiastic – We will trust, respect and support customers. We will be timely in meeting deadlines.

S – Safe – When caring for customers we will wash our hands. We will maintain a clean and safe environment for customers and employees.

For all employees joining LifeSpring they are given a booklet that describes the standard behavior in details. Everyone is expected to keep this book with them while at work.
CARES Booklet

To further emphasize the model behavior LifeSpring used GlobalRickshaw to make a video that demonstrates the CARES protocol in action. All new employees are shown this video during the on-boarding program and expected to behave in this manner.

Hope you enjoy.

4 Responses to “CARES Standard”

  1. Rob Says:

    Nice video, Premal. What are some reactions of new staff that you have shown the video to?

  2. Premal Says:

    Most of these videos are meant to pass on a subtle message. So in nothing particular that stands out. However, everyone does remember it when asked about CARES – “oh yeah, that video we saw about smiling”

  3. Rob Says:

    Will be interested to see your (anecdotal) observations about how this video and the training in general creates a culture shift within LS going forward

  4. TZiPi Radonsky Says:

    Premal, the video is excellent, looks at the whole experience with deep kindness and empathy for all concerned, you must be very proud! thank you, TZiPi

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