Where the need for an Ambulance is greatest.


On June 3rd 2009, Ziquitza Healthcare (aka Dial 1298 for Ambulance) launched operations in Patna, in the Indian state of Bihar. This is a pilot project funded by the Government and operated by Ziquitza. Calling this an important health initiative would be an understatement, Bihar is one of the poorest states in India in terms of the HDI -poverty on a different scale than what I have experienced in Indian cities like Bombay.

Bihar has the 3rd largest population in India, however 85% live in the rural countryside, making safe transportation to a hospital extremely difficult. In Mumbai, those living below the poverty line have the option to take local, inexpensive transportation to the hospital, but in Patna there are few options outside of a cycle rickshaw, and as our CEO pointed out, imagine trying to transport a heart attack patient to a hospital in this manner. Launching a quality ambulance service that is universally affordable (admitted through Government subsidization) will greatly improve access to timely healthcare in this city, and eventually across the state.

To me this is the gold standard for a social enterprise. Convincing the Government of the need to take up funding for an essential initiative. The process is slow, but as is experienced throughout our head office today, the satisfaction of ensuring the expansion and longevity of a service we all believed in from the start is incredibly rewarding.

It feels like an important shift has started.


2 Responses to “Where the need for an Ambulance is greatest.”

  1. kjanakiraman Says:

    I am elated to hear of this new expansion. Bihar is one of the poorest states in India and I am sure that this service will help tremendously. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of the State, has received a lot of press for being a progressive leader and he is widely admired. It’s awesome to see him in the picture as a supporter of this initiative.
    You mention that this is the gold standard for social enterprises and I agree with you. Convincing and partnering with the govt is the fastest way to implement essential services. Looking forward to hearing more such updates.

  2. TZiPi Radonsky Says:

    Good news, Joanna, and what an experience for you to be a part of this and to educate us! thanks, TZiPi

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