Do we have a goal for the human family?


I think I can safely assume that a significant  majority of us have a goal oriented approach to living our lives. We all have different and unique world views but most of us do some version of goal setting before setting out to achieve them. Personal goals, professional goals, individual goals, family goals, institutional goals, national goals, financial goals, philanthropic goals,  spiritual goals, fitness goals, travel goals,… the list goes on. We set goals because we understand the importance of goal setting.

If you are following this blog,  I can make another assumption that, you definitely believe in making this world a better place for all humans! But have you really thought about a goal for the human family? Do we have such a goal? If not, what are we all working towards? I believe that there is at least one such goal. Allow me to introduce you to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I am surprised by the fact that many of us do not  know about the existence or the contents of this profound document (Full disclosure – I learned about the contents only about 8 months back when the Acumen Fellows read and discussed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in detail.) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948 as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.

I hope you agree that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a legitimate goal for all of us. If not we should use this forum to debate it.

If you believe in goals, you also know that one of the pre-requisites of achieving a common goal is that, not only should everyone involved be clearly aware of the goal, but they also know what is expected of them to achieve the goal. This goal is pretty straight forward – to achieve this goal, we not only have to know it and practice it but also try and ensure that every human knows about it and practices it.

Now that you know about it, do you think that everyone you know has heard about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? If not, I would encourage you talk about this important goal more often.

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