When a Fellow Tweets in India,…?


Thought.  Sounding board.  Pilot.  Ditch.  New thought.  Tweak.  Ditch.  Revive and alter.  Success.  Oops, not so much.  Big lesson learned.  Next idea.  Sell.  Resistance.  Reframe.  More resistance.  Reposition.  Collaboration.  Pilot.  Improve.  Phase II.  What’s next?  This describes a typical fortnight for me at D.light.  The pace is unbelievable.   Our standard operating procedures are defined by risk, act, learn, repeat.

As my blogging has devolved mostly into short-storytelling, I had an Acumen-style a-ha that I should switch my main medium of reporting back on my fellowship year to Twitter.   When I learned that my mother was discussing my Twitter account with my ex-boyfriend at a family gathering in Potrero Hill San Francisco, I knew I had hit gold.  Concise, digestible, and an easy conversation piece for potentially awkward situations.   Its 140 character limit requires me to invoke the “zip it” rule, one of my favorite heuristics for survival as a Fellow.  Plus, Twitter fits the hectic nature of my day-to-day, testing low-cost ways to crack the nut of creating a new category and a new brand in the rural market in India, all the while struggling to find a reliable cab service and a decent glass of wine.  So, for those that are game to follow my fun and foibles in a new way, please check out HKinIndia

Also, I had a chance to chat with the fantastic 7th grade class the American Embassy School in Delhi, thanks to the kind invitation of teacher Elizabeth Namba (who I met at the kiddie pool at the American Embassy).   This has also become a great new partnership where D.light will help facilitate AES’ efforts  to sponsor a village in going solar.  More on that next time.

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