Women Please…


Nothing is simple…

Of course the challenges are numerous for recruiting women to be a Drishtee Health Franchisees (DHF). They include anything from simply her husband said no or maybe it was her mother-in-law. Her family doesn’t want her to travel the 20km to the partner hospital for training or for her to be for a week. The license fee to be a franchisee is too high for the family or there is a lack of employment/savings. Gossipers in the village discourage her joining or the local quack spreads rumors.

In a rural culture, where women are often not formally employed, they are caretakers and homemakers within their own houses and extended families. They are often not allowed to leave the house or the village without permission and their role is to stay at home and take care of the well being of their children, husband and elders. Within in it all, there are women and families who do decide to become part of the Drishtee network. Some basic reasons are: economic need, community standing or a familiarity/desire to do the work.

It is these women that Drishtee looks to find and recruit into their micro-franchising health model.

Watch the video to see why!


One Response to “Women Please…”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hi Sophie –

    Interesting stuff. I wonder if you could speak a little about the entrepreneurialism of the DHF franchisees you’ve spoken to. Would you consider them “entrepreneurs” or are they more like employees? Are they more or less entrepreneurial than other franchisees you may have spoken to? What other income-generating activities do the franchisees have to cease doing in order to become a DHF franchisee?

    Sorry for all the questions, but the sign of a good blog post and video is to have comments full of follow-ups!

    Hope to see you soon – I am in Delhi later this month!


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