Useful , Free and Cool Applications from Google


The company where I presently work as an Acumen Fund Fellow, Global Easy Water Products (GEWP) is a start-up with 25 odd employees distributed in four different cities of India. Our company is a product based company in the irrigation space and there is a daily, massive churn of material at our 4 locations. Information about this churn is chronicled in Excel and the corresponding spreadsheet is emailed everyday. Keeping track of all this information is a huge challenge.

Recently, we switched our modus operandi and started using shared spreadsheets on Google Docs. This has made a huge difference to our operational efficiency. There are no more swarms of daily emails, just a link that employees can bookmark and access whenever they need to.

Another cool, free feature is the Indic transliteration application. This is how it works : You type a Hindi word in English , for e.g, chai , hit the space bar, and watch as the text is converted to the Indian script, चाय.

We recently drafted a document in English and then realized that we should switch to Marathi for clarity and effectiveness. One of our employees, typed up the survey in English and then had it transliterated to Marathi in less than an hour. We saved money and more importantly time and now have the option of transliterating to four other languages.

Finally, files in Google Docs can be converted to the PDF format for free. Save $$ on Acrobat License fees.

Start-ups often need cost effective, productive and easy-to-use solutions that can be implemented immediately to bring some order to their operations. Some of these web-based applications, might just do the trick until the time to invest in more sophisticated solutions arrives!

Have you seen any other cool applications?

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3 Responses to “Useful , Free and Cool Applications from Google”

  1. Jason Says:

    Check these out!

    Good luck over there!


  2. Brett C. Says:

    I was looking into some free web-based applications that could be implemented in my current workplace. Check out

    Adobe has an application that allows multiple users to edit documents via a web-based word application. Good for setting editing rights and version controls (eliminates filev1.doc, filev2.doc, etc).

    With free web-based applications, there’s always this fear that the application-provider will someday start charging a fee for the services. If you get too reliant on it, you might not have any other option but to subscribe.

  3. Joanna Says:

    What a great post Karthik!

    I wish I had a cool new tool to add, but instead I will eagerly suck up all the suggestions that others make….in fact thanks to, I am now not only addicted to post it notes at home, but also online!

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