Popsicles and Drip Irrigation


The 3 months that I have spent so far in the world of low cost drip irrigation has been educational. In this video, I share with you a little bit of the history, manufacturing and impact of affordable drip irrigation.

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4 Responses to “Popsicles and Drip Irrigation”

  1. Rob Says:

    Karthik, what a great video. I am going to my hardware store this weekend to ask them how much a 500 foot long tube costs, and I will report back. But first, I am going to Israel for 2 weeks for vacation, and I will see how they are using drip while I am there. After all, it’s a desert! Seriously, there are some great technologies being used in India that might have applications in arid parts of the world – like Israel – but I don’t know enough yet. Will keep you posted on both that and the price of 500 feet of tubing from Ace Hardware at West 3rd Street and Sixth Avenue.

    Have a great time at the mid-year!!

  2. Karthik Says:

    Thanks Rob. Actually, Israel was the birthplace of drip irrigation, I think in the 1920’s. So you might actually see the future! The Indians have been very good at reducing the cost of drip and several other components such as water storage bags and fertigation systems.

  3. Mike Says:

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  4. elliottgarlock Says:

    Karthik, neat video. I love the “Old Thyme” video technique you used. Very nice camera work!

    Just out of curiosity, what is the source of the water?

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