Meet the people of LifeSpring Hospitals


Theme for this month’s video blog is “Meet the People”. I would like you to meet the people of LifeSpring Hospitals and some of the challenges they face as the organization continues to scale. With 6 hospitals in place and more coming up later this year, they certainly have a their hands filled. I could not get everyone in the picture or the videos, but there are many more employees at the hospitals and in the field. I will try to get them online in the upcoming videos, so stay tuned!

As always, feedback on what else you’d like to see/read is most welcome.

5 Responses to “Meet the people of LifeSpring Hospitals”

  1. Rob Says:

    Premal, very interesting stuff. I wrote down the main challenge for each of the people you interviewed, and it breaks down as follows:

    Role/Person — Challenge
    CEO — Finding and retaining talent across the organization
    Operations — Finding the right sites for new facilities
    Finance — Keeping costs low
    IT — Better quality information and data
    Marketing — Building trust and brand

    What I infer from this is a leadership team that may not actually all the on the same page. Maybe I’m completely off – but what you have done here is ask everyone in an independent meeting what their biggest challenge is, and you get 5 challenges from 5 people. They are, of course, all related, but I would be interested in Anant’s (CEO’s) feedback on this video. Is he aware of the divergence of opinion within his team? Does he view this as good, bad or is he indifferent?

    Fascinating – thanks for taking the time to share!

  2. Premal Desai Says:

    Rob, Thanks for sending your comment on the video.

    To clarify, the idea was to talk to each department head and see what their immediate concerns were within their departments as LifeSpring scales up. Everyone is working towards a common goal – “setting many low-cost maternity hospitals throughout India”. So I don’t think they think differently. However, each of them faces different challenges and that’s what’s highlighted here.

  3. Rob Says:

    That’s good to know, thanks for clarifying, Premal. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. TZiPi Radonsky Says:

    good job in gathering the faces and challenges each person sees. I agree with you each sits in a different place and therefore can only see their view. It seems it would be helpful to show how they all interact and are interdependent with each other.

    Thank you, I think this is very important work toward the growth of LifeSpring Hospital.

  5. Dr pradeep swarup Says:

    After seeing the pioneering work done by you we would like to meet you to discuss problems that we face in running a similar institution at Jedimetla, Hyderabad.
    This is a maternity and Paediatric hospital run by the Lions Club of Hyderabad, for which I am the Chairman.
    Cell 9849003639

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