Above & Beyond


Stories from the 1298 ambulance crew members during the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks.

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6 Responses to “Above & Beyond”

  1. Joel Montgomery Says:

    Great video Joanna! It’s wonderful to hear 1298’s impact on such a tragic event.

  2. Rob Says:

    Thanks Joanna. Is it me, or are many of the employees at 1298 very young? Can you tell us more about them?

    I am inspired and humbled by their responses…at a time when many in the world are so greedy, we need to look no further than these three individuals to see what it means to be truly generous.

  3. Karthik Says:

    Rob is absolutely right. These guys are inspiring.
    It will be nice if they are felicitated for their bravery and sense of duty on a much larger stage. Perhaps the Sherrif of Mumbai can help?

  4. Joanna Says:

    Rob – Ages for the 1298 Drivers, Helpers and Doctors range from younger (especially for some of the helpers, where it is their first job) to much older for some of the doctors and drivers who have had previous experience.

    I too was impressed and humbled by Amol’s response, as he is so very young to be experiencing that type of devastation. He really stands for all we believe in at 1298 and makes me proud to be working here behind the scenes supporting them.

  5. TZiPi Radonsky Says:

    Joanna, this was very moving and gave an intense and heart warming picture of the people and their dedication to their work. Thank you, talk with you soon! TZiPi

  6. Nancy Says:

    Stories of those difficult days told in the simple words of the men who were there to help. Very moving. No drama or excess, just the words of good men doing their jobs, not realizing the courage and responsibility they were demonstrating. These are the stories we didn’t see on CNN. In this small way, thank you for celebrating them.

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