What is the one thing you just cannot live without?


Before you answer the question I want to wish you a very Happy New Year. Now, please think about the question…

Do you have your answer? Is your answer, a “TOILET?”  If not, I am not sure if the statistic of 2.6 billion people lacking access to a toilet would strike you as a serious enough problem for you to take action.

I am tempted to quote more statistics but I believe I can convince you of the gravity of the problem if you can indulge me by participating in a small thought experiment – Think about a normal day in your life from the time you get up to time you go to bed. Now how does this day change if you had no access to toilets for the entire day? Seriously think about it. Maybe it didn’t change much because for some reason you are capable of dealing with the pressures of nature’s calls. But how does the same day look like if everybody else used whatever space they got (even others don’t have access to toilets on this imaginary day) to do their business, I mean go to the toilet? Again I request you to think deeply about it. I am guessing you are not having pleasant thoughts. While you are still thinking I would also like you to contemplate on why Mahatma Gandhi would have ever said that “sanitation is more important than independence.”

I ask you again, “What is the one thing you just cannot live without?”


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