1298 Dial for Ambulance – Our First TV Spot


I think it was my 4th day in the office when we got a call from a Mumbai TV station offering free airtime if 1298 could produce a 30 second spot….in 3-4 days! My Unilever training told me this would be impossible – brief an agency, see concepts, make changes, produce, test, finalize in 4 days – How? Somehow we managed however, with lots of effort and late nights from our whole marketing team and agency Ogilvy and Mather, who has taken us on as a pro bono client. I am pleased with the simple, clear and I believe effective spot. I have worked on flashier TV spots during my time at Unilever, but I can honestly say I am most proud to associate myself with this one.

Our Strategy

Get: Mumbai citizens in an emergency situation

Who: Do not think to call an ambulance primarily due to issues with 1. Length of time to get to hospital 2. Perceived high cost 3. Lack of trust in ambulance services in general (issues with poor quality & staff not being medically trained, among others)

To: Convince them that dialing 1298 in the best response in an emergency situation

By: Put the target audience in an emergency situation and present them with the problem – “What will you do?” Then provide the solution – Dial 1298, a professional, affordable, easy to use service.


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