Family portraits at the Lifespring Hospital Mother’s Day Fair


Family portrait

Find more Lifespring family portraits here.

2 Responses to “Family portraits at the Lifespring Hospital Mother’s Day Fair”

  1. David Lai Says:

    hi john,
    for sure. i remember reading your post and starring it – in anticipation of actually trying it out. are those guys really selling paper? i’ve been so confused for 2 weeks now because it doesn’t even seem like they’re carrying anything to sell. they always just have a couple crumbled folded pieces of something tied down to the back of their bikes. i’ll listen closely on the walk home today.

    are you in hyderabad still? i was planning on meeting with Deepti Doshi (connected through a friend that works at the William Davidson Institute at the U of Michigan). Maybe if you’re around – we can connect over some chai or something.

  2. american insurance Says:

    I’ve got to disclose until this can be one particular wonderful awareness. The idea absolutely offers a firm the means to acquire throughout in the grass floorboards along with genuinely experience generating a thing particular along with designed thus to their requires.

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