Meeting customer demand


Dorah’s Senye Clinic in Kibera has a new addition today: A small refrigerator that allows her to add immunizations to her list of services.

“I’ve always had to send customers to immunize their children elsewhere,” Dorah describes. “No smart business-person sends customers away.”

With limited resources, Dorah has to work extra hard to meet customer demands. But she continues to find innovative ways to meet her customers needs. And they respond … Dorah is one of the most successful franchisees in the network.

I arrive to Senye today just in time to see Grace bring her 2 month old son to the clinic. Grace could take Trevor down the road for free immunizations, but chooses to pay the small fee at Senye because: 1) Dorah met her demand and 2) Dorah provides unmatched customer service. Despite 12 hour days and a long commute, Dorah treats her customers with dignity, personal attention, and quality care.

Even in a resource-constrained environment, basic business principles remain true: Meeting customer demand and providing quality service means happier and more loyal customers. Grace & Trevor will be back in a month for their next check up.


One Response to “Meeting customer demand”

  1. arthur Says:

    We think about you often and the good you are doing among the children of men. We read about Kenya and Zimbabwe with heavy hearts and fragile optimism. Take care of yourself.
    -the VW’s

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