Mango Arbitrage


Mango season is just around the corner.  I saw my first cartload on the street today.  They were barely green, so get ready for March Mango Madness.  I will ship to you anywhere in the world via DHL.  £1 each + shipping and handling, PayPal accepted.


6 Responses to “Mango Arbitrage”

  1. Blair Miller Says:

    Sign me up for a mail order Mango!

  2. Jawad Says:

    No way!…mango season gets going like 3 months from now in Pak…how do the Indians get them so early 😦

  3. Mark Says:

    No kidding…I don’t expect them in Nepal until May at the earliest! I just hope the transport dispute gets solved soon so we can import some Indian mangoes…

  4. Catherine Casey Says:

    Kenya is wayyy ahead of all of you. I came back from Embu last week with three bags full 🙂

  5. Jman Says:

    can you send me a mango smoothie?

  6. John Tucker Says:

    Catherine you can’t run a business if you are constantly eating your stock. Kenya’s export duties are too high, anyway.

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