Between fear and hope: Our first _______ at Saiban II (Khuda Ki Basti)


As we begin to establish this new community of Khuda Ki Basti(KKB) in the outskirts of Lahore, some things I fear, and others I look forward to.  With this new community there will be a host of ‘firsts‘ that will happen—some will be good, while others may be tragic.  Upon establishing the new development we had a host of exciting ‘firsts’.  We had our ‘first’ resident who was an extremely brave woman.  She put her trust in our institution and moved to a place where there was no sign of future development (no electricity, no sewage system, no neighbors, no parks, no roads—NOTHING!)–but she did it (and is very happy about that decision today).

Then we had our ‘first’ baby (I was NOT instrumental in that effort :), first convenience store, first block completed, first park, first school, first mosque, first Ramadan/Eid holiday, first mortgage EVER in Pakistan to the BOP!!, and so on…. everything was great.

 Naturally, reality kicked in very soon and we had our ‘first’ eviction (because the resident was not living on site), first hospitalization, first death (of an employee–due to cancer), first attempted murder (see last post: CSI: Lahore), and last week….we had our first fire!  One of the residents had forgotten about a light ‘bulb’ that was left on when the power went out.  When the power finally came back, the bulb was too close to some clothing and eventually caught fire.  By the grace of God, no one was hurt–everyone got out in time–but the poor family lost ALL of their belongings (worth $700).

 So…….in this line of ‘firsts’–I find myself hoping for the best, and fearing for the worst.

PS-no update on CSI: Lahore because the family has not returned with their elders yet…

One Response to “Between fear and hope: Our first _______ at Saiban II (Khuda Ki Basti)”

  1. John Tucker Says:

    Imagine you are walking at the very edge of time. In front of you, there is neither land nor light. The future doesn’t yet exist. Not here, not anywhere. Only as you step forth does the real emerge from the darkness. It is cold there. The sun is far behind you and its energy falls on your neck at this very moment. And it is lonely. You tred without sight, uncertain that the ground will catch your foot as it falls. Your mind races as it imagines the intentions of the cosmos. But you have strength in faith, your energy can sustain you and your compass will help you navigate through uncertain times. I think this quote from the Qur’an excerpts you gave me fits:

    “Establish the prayer, enjoin what is just and forbid what is wrong, and bear with patient constancy whatever betides you, for this is firmness (of purpose) in the conduct of affairs.”

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