A brand new day


I just met someone who was born yesterday.  I spent a day with Tricia at a maternity/pediatric care hospital, and got introduced to their newest customer.  He didn’t even have a name yet – that comes later in a naming ceremony. His proud parents excitedly sat with us for an hour and discussed everything.  The father makes $200 a month and supports his wife and three kids.  They had planned on two kids – this baby was an accident.  The mother will get her tubes tied in a few months.  They didn’t know the sex of the child until after it was born (it is illegal here for doctors to tell).  The mother wanted a girl so she could help out around the house.  In the U.S., it is impossible to have this kind of conversation because of HIPAA privacy regulations. 

In developing countries, people discuss “personal” topics much more openly.  People ask you to take their photo, without fear of publicity.  Why is privacy so much more intense in developed countries?  Does the same information have a higher value?  Do people in developing countries have less to lose?


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