Creative Take on a Business Card


The other day I met with the head of an advertising agency in Mumbai.  When he handed over his business card, I looked at his name at the bottom and, below it, for his address.  The address wasn’t there, though.  In its place was written:  “Champion Doodler, Traveler, Trainee Poet, Hiker, Family Man” and several other descriptors, ending with “Chief Executive Officer.”  A card like that immediately leads into conversation—it breaks the ice, conveys the giver’s creativity (particularly important when you’re an advertising executive), and creates an opening to tell a story about yourself.  I like the way the executive re-imagined the use of the ubiquitous business card to humanize himself and make his business meetings memorable from the start.  Simple things like that can really make a difference in helping you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

One Response to “Creative Take on a Business Card”

  1. Lalita Says:

    How cool! Would love to see the business card as it is such a creative way to tell your own story.

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