Of donkey carts, rickshaws and porsches


We are driving up the main street in Lahore and we stop at the red light and just like Trish, I have become a peeper coz thats the only way to see different things.I look around and am amazed at the different kinds of lifestyles existing side by side.The road has all kinds of transportation, for example right now around me there is a donkey cart,motorbike,rickshaw,horse carriage,am in a toyota, and then there is a Mercedes ML.This is quite amazing and we are stuck right in front of a porsche showroom.

Driving down the road I want to stop and buy dinner and as I drop off at KFC (still getting used to the spicy food here) I gaze across the stree where men have small tables and lamps selling cheap food.They will close at 1 am my driver tells me and yet they compete with KFC,Mc Donalds,Subway and Pizza hut across the street.

I attended a wedding ceremony of a well-to-do family and am sure most of them have never seen the slums right next to them.Good food and fine wine flowed and we danced the night away. The next morning I was humbled to visit business premises of microfinance clients and all of them this was their house.They are struggling to get a good life.

The question; will equality ever exist?and if so what is equality?


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