Pakistan: My first impressions


I bet everyone has been waiting with bated breath; whatever happened to the Kenyan who was sent to Lahore?

I arrived in Islamabad safely and yes the stares started;even the airport cargo attendants were keen to know how long I was going to stay after having my suitcases thoroughly checked since I looked quite suspicious; black person with 3 big bags on her way to Lahore? The flight to Lahore was a local one and full of men and I was wondering what am I doing here?

The airport security check has a queue for women and children travelling unaccompanied since women do not travel or go anywhere alone.Its a largely muslim dominated country and so very conservative even in their mode of dressing;very different coming from New York to the cover your whole body style.

So I have a driver who picks me up from the house to the office and back;I can’t go anywhere alone which sort of limits my freedom;for now I guess al have to live just like the people here.

My first day at work went pretty well and in the evening I attended a wedding ceremony and this was a real eye opener into the culture;I got to see the festive dress,food and dance and hear stories about Lahore from the very warm people. I guess I have to go shopping soon for clothes to blend in.

And so the diary of a black woman in Lahore begins…


2 Responses to “Pakistan: My first impressions”

  1. Tricia Morente Says:

    Wow, incredible window into your new life. Keep ’em coming!

  2. John Tucker Says:

    I’m sure that your winning smile won’t hurt. : )

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