Brand: The antidote to the accidental


Brands cost more because they are well-considered; thoughtful.  People have spent painstaking hours thinking through how you should perceive and consume their brand.  A brand manager’s job is to be certain that no part of your experience happens by accident, outside of specification.  This is what makes a brand consistent and safe.

Hyderabad, on the other hand, is not a city of curated experiences: Power lines dangle at eye level; the flow of traffic is largely unregulated; half-baked marketing messages innundate you.  In a place like this, a brand experience like Café Coffee Day stands out as being a safe haven.  After a day where it seems like a lot happens by accident, it’s a soothing escape to consume not just hot coffee, but someone else’s thoughfulness.

* Irony alert: Their website just told me, “Visitor number 254923 we value your feedback”.


One Response to “Brand: The antidote to the accidental”

  1. Jacques Says:

    I believe brands refer more to personalities. The aim of any brand is to have positive characteristics, which are defined by their customers. But being reasonably priced can be a positive characteristic 🙂

    Enjoy your latte !!

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