Lies and R&B–my trip home


I finally arrived safely in Islamabad on Wednesday morning, the 21st.  Unlike the five Fellows who were honest, I am amongst the unique liars (Wangari is the other!) who stood in front of 400 people at the Gala and shamelessly told them ‘I leave for Pakistan tomorrow’, knowing well I actually leave in a week!?!—Well it was a poetic license that was necessary to keep the flow going with the performance—so cut me some slack.

When I finally did get on the flight via Dubai (that is pronounced Do-Bay, folks, not Do-Buy), I sat down next to a guy who was not happy—he was cursing to himself—apparently because the seats were tight.  I thought since this is going to be a 12 hour non-stop flight I better get to know my neighbor….so this is how the conversation went:

Me: So where you headed?

Him: Dubai

Me: For business or pleasure?

Him: we are going to perform, we do R&B

(At this point I am thinking this guy cant be too famous because he is sitting next to me in ‘economy’

Me: Oh yeah!!, are you guys on the charts (my smooth way of asking if his group is famous)

Him: (very calmly he responds): Black Street

(I nod politely having no clue who he is talking about…but he figures me out!)

Him: We WERE very popular in the 90s…you ever heard of the song ‘No diggidy’?

Me: YEAH!!…I remember that song!

Him: Well that is us!

(I took a moment before asking the next question—trying to be smooth again)

Me: So…you guys didn’t make millions off that record?…enough money to retire?

Him: Well ONE of the guys in our group did, that is why the rest of us broke off from him, and now we do weekend gigs whenever we can.

He told me they make $15,000 for a one hour performance—so don’t feel too bad for the guy. 

The rest of the trip was a lot a of sleeping….so now I can say I have slept with a famous guy!! who would of thought?!?

Anyhow, I go back to work in a few hours, will be visiting the site for the first time in about three months when I left for NYC, anxious to see how the team has done….stay tuned.


One Response to “Lies and R&B–my trip home”

  1. Kashif Says:

    no diggity, no doubt …

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